Pinpointe Footlaser

Ladies, do you avoid open toe shoes? Do you miss getting Pedicures? Do you find yourself avoiding vacations to the beach? All because you’re ashamed of your unsightly toenails? Remember how pretty they used to be? But now they’re cracked and brittle, discolored and damaged. So you’ve banished them to the dark. It’s not their fault. They’re infected by fungus. It’s a common condition, even for men. And now thanks to Advanced Foot Care and Clinical Research Center, easily treated with the new Pinpointe Footlaser. That’s right! No more pills with their dangerous side effects. No more messy, sticky stuff you have to brush on for a year. The Pinpointe Footlaser eliminates toenail infection in one quick, painless treatment. And it’s only available at Advanced Foot Care and Clinical Research Center. It’s safe and affordable. Call Advanced Foot Care and Clinical Research Center to schedule your appointment at (559) 224-5101. Because your toenails deserve it! Call (559) 224-5101 today! Feel free to email us and ask a question about anything you see here on the contact us page.


We accept most private insurance and Medicare. We see non-insured patients at a discounted rate.

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